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Interviewer: Thanks for accepting my interview request, tell us a little bit about yourself, how do you feel today?

DROWNALiCE: Hi I'm Alice, I'm the keyboardist and audio engineer of The Pink Strings and I feel like shit.

DROWNALiCE: Actually I'm just kidding, I feel okay. Sorry, I do that a lot.

Interviewer: Now I know most of The Pink Strings members prefer to stay anonymous but, I hope you don't mind me asking. I see a lot of people referring to you as Alice Rivers, Is that really your name?.

DROWNALiCE: Alice is indeed my real name but 'Rivers' comes from a nickname I was given as a little kid. Rivers is just a stage name like DROWNALiCE.
It's kinda funny how my two stage names have something to do with water, It's like I'm going to drown in a river or something.

Interviewer: Net Celebrity by The Pink Strings was released on streaming services 2 days ago but it had already been released before, any reason for this re-release?.

DROWNALiCE: We had originally released the song as a demo on Spotify somewhere around January or February in 2019. A lot of people liked the demo including myself
however, this is not the way we intended Net Celebrity to sound. As much as I love the demo, it felt way too electronic compared to the final version. The solo was cut out of
the final version due to the sudden bpm change at the end, which was somewhat hard to keep up with. But regardless of what people thought we released it anyways
along with the demo version.

Interviewer: So I heard Net Celebrity featured the original lineup with the 2018 members. Is this true? Does the song have a meaning? What inspired you to write it?.

DROWNALiCE: It is indeed the first Pink Strings song to feature the original lineup. We originally didn’t want to release this as a single due
to its dark lyrics but it was the only song we had finished at the moment and we had to put something out you know. I think the message of the song is very clear.
I don’t want people like my 9 year old sister to get involved with these types of people we make fun of in the song.
Oh yeah, to answer your other question, we didn't write the song our former guitarist did. Least I did was change one of the words in the song to 'ugly'.
But it should be pretty clear that the song is about suicidal cultist creeps.

Interviewer: Where did Love Syringe come from? This is the first song The Pink Strings have released so far that's different to the others.

DROWNALiCE: It came from an unreleased VOCALOID album I was working on but never finished.
It was something experimental. Virtual Singer Factory never saw the light of day but those who got to listen to
the few finished songs in that album really liked Love Syringe and complimented its chiptune style, which was heavily
inspired by VOCALOID producer Sasakure.UK.

Interviewer: Any plans to perform live in the future?.

DROWNALiCE: Never happening, sorry.

Interviewer: What do you guys plan to do with your first album or EP?. Are there any influences we can hear throughout the entire record?. Title of the record and possible release date?.

DROWNALiCE: Well, It's not the entire record but one of our songs was inspired by Panchiko, you know, that one band no one has ever heard about.
Yeah, we were going to pay tribute to them with one of our songs.
About the album title and the release date, we don't have a title for it yet and we haven't finished recording so we don't know
when it's going to be released but it's definitely not going to come out this year. That's all I can say.

Interviewer: Any other releases you think we should look forward to?.

DROWNALiCE: You should look forward to our first EP and Blind Badger's upcoming album Red Truth, which I have contributed to.

Interviewer: Anything we need to know before finishing this interview?.

DROWNALiCE: That's all folks.